Recording Studio Berlin

Welcome to Surrealis Sounds, the audiophile recording studio Berlin for music and spoken word. For 8 years now we are based in the superb-sounding premises of the renowned Teldex studios in Berlin-Lichterfelde.

Here we can offer an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere for your artistic creativity. It is possible to record in up to 3 separated recording rooms with a visual connection. We work with modern state of the art technology, but also have access to revered and popular vintage equipment especially microphones.

Outside of the studio we also work for many interesting productions. A further aspect in our catalogue is live-sound and live-recording. Enjoy looking through the following pages and please contact us if you have any further questions…..

Our main points of emphasis are recording, mixing and mastering. In case you would like to consult a producer as part of your project we will find the right one with our network.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering

We aim to get the best out of the digital and analog worlds. The Studer console gives us the flexibility of using analog summing or just working in the box. We use Pro-Tools HD hard- and software with a big variety of plug-ins, but at the same time state of the art analog outboard equipment and specials like an EMT analog goldplate. It is important for us not just to offer the best technical production possibilities, but also to provide a warmly inspiring environment.

i have had the privilege and joy to work with jörg surrey of surrealis sounds on various projects in the past few years. As musician and producer I am constantly impressed with jörg’s technical knowledge and skill – i think there is no-one in the industry who has a better grasp of the subtleties of reverb in a mix, or the microphoning of acoustic instruments. jörg is a perfectionist at all stages of the procedure, and – very importantly – jörg is a very musical person who does not “just” do the technical side, but is thinking, analysing and also offering musical suggestions – even after 12 hours in the studio!!
ian melrose



Our recording spectrum ranges from solo productions to large band/ensemble projects. thanks to our cooperation with Teldex Studio Berlin we can record in different rooms – which room(s) we use depends on your needs and the recording situation. The friendly and open designs of the rooms at our recording studio Berlin are conducive to a pleasant atmosphere while recording. we have real “gems” in our possible selection of microphones – it’s worth clicking on this link. Between recording sessions you can use our lounge and/or garden to relax or gather inspiration. Outside of the studio facilities we can also offer live concert recordings of the highest quality.



We feel at home in all music genres. our particular emphasis is on jazz, “acousticpop”, singer/songwriter and (new-)folk, but we are also very glad to do other types of productions e.g. rock, classical etc. We are totally flexible as far as the mixing process is concerned, because the mix is digital (total recall) with additional use of connected outboard equipment. We would also be glad to work on material already recorded e.g. with regard to  additional recordings, mixing, editing and mastering.


  • mixing-desk: studer
  • daw: mac mini os x 10.10.5, pro tools 12 hd-native with 192 interfaces, logic pro x, sonic studio premaster cd
  • outboard: bricasti m7, emt 246, emt 240, emt 257, quantec qrs xl, roland re 301,  lexicon 300, lexicon lxp 1, lexicon mpx 1, chandler little devil comp, neumann u473, tubetech cl1b…. ( teldex studio )
  • mic-pre: neve 1073, chandler little devil, studer mic-pre, neve portico 5012
  • plug-ins: antares, atmosphere, brainworx, izotope, mc dsp, melodyne, native instruments, slate digital, sony oxford, soundtoys, ssl duende, tc vss3, waves etc.
  • microphones: see teldex studio microphone list and additionally we have gefell um 70, div. haun, rhode ntv custom made, sennheiser 441
  • monitors: studer ( teldex studio ), neumann kh 310

Thanks to the above-mentioned cooperation with Teldex Studio, we have permission to use their equipment (e.g. microphones, outboard) supplementary to our own (many thanks to Teldex).