We have years of experience in mastering your audio tracks and enhancing your production. We do this with great respect for your music and your vision. This can mean leaving it alone when necessary or making alterations to improve the finished master.

We make sure that our mastered tracks sound good on all kinds of systems from your phone to a club P.A. system. Whether recorded analog or digital we preserve the sound qualities of your recording to a digital master. In addition we use some analog outboard gear in the process. You will find our rates are quite affordable so feel free to get in touch.

Stem Mastering

With stem mastering the options are deeper and enable us to improve the quality and have more control over the feel of the audio master.In case we want to have a bigger louder master, stem mastering gives us many more options than stereo mastering. The division of the stems may vary. If we have already heard the mix, we are happy to provide information for an individually-optimised division of the mix-stems.

Online Mastering

To save you time we also provide online mastering services. Simply send us your files, notes, wishes and often helpful are some reference tracks.

Mastering for iTunes

We create productions specifically for iTunes or desktop listening for compressed audio formats such as mp3, m4a, ogg.

References Shortlist

clients: westpark, buschfunk, christian friedel, rainer oleak…..
productions: manfred krug/uschi brüning: auserwählt, céline rudolph & lionel loueke: obsession…
( 5 stars in ‚fono forum‘, also ‚mastered for itunes‘)